Every Extend Extra Extreme


The latest creation by Q Entertainment, EVERY EXTEND EXTRA EXTREME (E4) is a unique action-packed shooter. Time your self-destruction perfectly, create chain reactions by exploding enemies, and extend the game life. Enjoy a trippy, trancey clubbing experience through the combination of highly addictive gameplay, music, and sharp visuals. E4 features five exciting game modes as you collect bonus items and detonate your craft to the beat to multiply your scores.

Number of Players: 2
Released: 2007


From it’s humble, but highly acclaimed beginnings, Every Extend has gone from strength to strength. Despite the basic formula remaining the same, every iteration has been slightly different. With Every Extend Extra Extreme, gone are the bosses from the PC and PSP version. For the most part E4’s focus is on creating the highest score by getting the biggest chain reactions possible, whilst battling against the clock. Once the time runs out then the game is over.

During each level bombs drop into the playing field and these are triggered by the player to destroy the `enemy` shapes that enter the play area. Destroying them sets off chain reactions with neighboring enemies and racks up points. Some also drop items which can be collected to extend the playing time or speed up movement around the screen.

On a basic level those are the key mechanics of the game, which make it sound a lot easier than it actually is. Balancing between setting off chain reactions, collecting points and time extends is a lot more in-depth and complicated than it first appears. Especially given that the screen is ram packed with enemies to chain and only around one minute thirty seconds of precious time is given to the player at the start. In a game where every second really does count it’s entirely possible for one amazingly glorious chain to eat it all up and while it’s good for your short term score it will soon mean Game Over.

The game offers a number of different play modes such as Time Attack and Stage Mode (which feels more like a frantic bullet hell shooter). There’s even the use of online leader boards to compare scores with other Live users and a multiplayer mode over Xbox Live.

Despite Every Extend’s continued evolution one thing that hasn’t changed is the emphasis on colours and music. The whole range of the spectrum is used to singe your retinas while thumping, hypnotic beats pound your ears. Combine these with the simple yet engrossing mechanics of the game and E4 is an instant classic the same as its predecessors. With the continued tweaking it’s a formula that feels as fresh as the first homebrew game and shows no sign of getting old.

If you loved games like Rez or Lumines then this will be right up your street.