PlayStation Network Game of the Year 2008

PSN Game of the Year 2008

2008 was the year that the PlayStation Network hit its stride. After a shaky launch,  Sonys platform started to show real promise and a flare for producing polished and often unique titles that seemed to be missing from the other services. It may be a little bit hit and miss (Sonys management of the Store updates needs a lot of work to compete with Microsofts unified launches) but it shows that with continued support a service can grow and flourish. Just like our top five games of 2008 on XBLA, narrowing this years PSN titles down meant a lot of shouting and stamping of feet. Heres what we eventually got it down to.

5. Dark Mist

Dark Mist

Oozing bags of Zelda-esque charm along with some addictive gameplay, Dark Mist was one of 2008s lesser known, but no less deserving, titles on the PSN. A mixture of top down shooter, and dungeon crawler its a shame that the game largely went unnoticed.

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4. Pixel Junk Eden


The third title in Q-Games PixelJunk series was a blissed out quasi-platformer a fusion of beats, relaxed gameplay and a challenge that grew as new worlds were unlocked. While initially daunting, you continued to evolve as much as the garden you create ,swinging on vines to release pollen and populate the initial barren landscape. Another example of why Q-Games is a credit to the PSNs output.

3. Bionic Commando Rearmed

Bionic Commando Rearmed

This year Capcom stuck the boot in, showing other developers how much time and effort they should be putting in when it comes to making downloadable games. Rather than just releasing any old thing, they took the time to remake the old NES game from the ground up new art, remixed music, vastly update visuals. The whole thing was polished within an inch of its life and thoroughly entertaining. Even if it was rock solid on times and kicked our arse, it reminded us all just how hard games used to be.

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2. The Last Guy

The Last Guy

Pacman meets Pikmin for a game of Snake against zombies and alien invaders in realworld locations? How could that possibly have turned out to be anything other than amazing. And The Last Guy didnt disappoint in any way.

A real throwback to when Japanese developers used to create games like this for fun on a never-ending basis, its oddball styling and refusal to take things seriously meant it was one of the PSNs high points for original content this year.

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1. WipEout HD

WipEout HD

Could there be any other for 2008? As far as the PSN was concerned, no.

Stunning graphics, amazing controls and silky smooth online for up to eight players. All of that for just over £12? An utter bargain and no more needs to be said.

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