About Us

The Arcade is dead! Long live the Arcade!

In the beginning there was the Arcade. If you wanted your gaming fix that was the only place for you.

Time moved on.

The classic Arcade Amusement Halls of yesteryear are long gone, pushed out by the popularity of consoles and computers. If you were a child of the 70s and 80s then were sure you miss them too.

Gaming evolved and got bigger and better. For a while there was nothing to cater for the Arcaholic. Then, with the advent of consoles with hard drives and fast Internet connections, something else has risen to take its place. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have all created a virtual arcade in your own home with their Xbox Live Arcade,  WiiWare and PlayStation Store services.

So what about you guys? Anyone can put together a game site these days yknow

Very true. Here at Console Arcade were gamers, just like you. Between all the regular contributors to the site we currently have over 70 years experience of playing and enjoying games. We arent affiliated with anyone and you can be sure that our opinions are totally our own, something that not all sites out there on the Internet can actually lay claim to these days. Were a fan based site and our reviews offer unbiased opinions direct from people who devote their spare time (and money) to playing them.

Console Arcade started life in early 2008, formed by a group of people who felt the new download services werent getting enough coverage and  who saw the massive potential they had to offer gamers. Well endeavour to bring you as much news and information as we possibly can about the wealth of Arcade goodness thats out there, which will hopefully help you decide whats worth  buying and playing.

How we score games

Scoring is on a simple scale of 0 – 5, with scores being roughly broken down as follows:

5/5 – a game which shouldn’t be missed, a must play which offers great value for money or something different and rewarding. Being given a score of five doesn’t donate the title as perfect; rather that it’s everything a downloadable title should be and almost guaranteed to please.

4/5 a great title which most people will enjoy, offering fun and entertainment.

3/5 – an average title, the kind that’s likely to split opinion across the board whenever it’s discussed.

2/5 below average. Not necessarily a travesty, but a title where there’s little reason to warrant a purchase unless you’re a real fan of the genre or series.

1/5 – poor. A real let down where there’s very little to recommend the title to anyone. Probably a game that’s best to avoid.

0/5 – the lesser spotted score, reserved for the real atrocities. The game has zero merits and you’d probably have more fun nailing your eyelids to a rampaging Rhino’s backside than play it.

What about Xbox Live Indie Games / minis? Why dont they have scores?

By their very nature the Indie and mini games on Xbox Live and PSN tend to be a lot shorter and put together by smaller developers.We took the decision to  avoid giving these particular games scores because we felt it was unfair to grade them in the same way as full blown commercial releases.

I want to contact you how do I go about it?

Were always happy to speak to people about just about anything reviews, scores, the weather providing youre not some sort of insane spammer (or any type of spammer in general). You can contact us here.