Mark of the Ninja hits XBLA on Sept. 7th

Mark of the Ninja - XBLA

Klei Entertainments upcoming 2D stealth-em-up has been given a release date of September 7th.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive title sees you take the role of a ninja who must complete his mission before dying; how you do that is up to you.

Speaking to Eurogamer, where the release date was confirmed, Kleis Chris Dahlen said:

There are three kinds of modes. You can be stealthy and try not to get caught as you ghost your way through each level. You can be speedy and youre rewarded for some of the goals you achieve by moving really quickly or hitting certain things within a time limit. Or you can be a killer which happens to be the way I play, because I like to be thorough where youre sneaking up on people one after another and then killing them.

Klei have form with 2D puzzle platformers, with the wildly underappreciated Eets: Chowdown, and theyre responsible for Shank too. This has been on our radar for some time, so its nice to see well be playing it soon!