Character Select Network: Console Arcade’s Picks of March 2012

Character Select Network

Aprils come crashing down on our heads like the seasonal showers well, unless youre in the parts of the UK which are suffering a hose pipe ban anyway, terrible analogies and rambling intros to one side, another month means its once again time for us to take a look at what we think is the best content from our other partners in the Character Select Network.

So wrap your eye holes around the following:-


Cane & Rinse

Going Silver

Darren Gargette toys with the perils of dropping your Gold Xbox Live Subscription down to Silver

After about a weeks worth of a Goldlessness I am beginning to see the benefits of remaining a paid-up member but only really to those who buy and play videogames on Xbox 360. With a capable PC and the upcoming release of Blizzard’s Diablo III I don’t really feel the need to.

There are however some cracking XBLA titles on the way and if the multi-player turns out to be a riot for Trials Evolution then maybe I’ll resurface for the months I want to pay.

Quick Rinse: The Darkness

Meanwhile, to tie in with their fantastic podcast about the gory Darkness games, Leon Cox has a good sit down with the first game




PlayStation Vita: The Verdict

Over on Gamerdork, Delb2K takes a lengthy look at the Sonys new endevour, the PlayStation Vita

From a useability perspective the unit is incredibly impressive, from the touchscreen to the physical inputs on the front of the console everything has been cleverly designed to provide a real sense of quality that is actually backed up when the device is used. What is less successful is the OS implemented.


Ready Up

Bit.Trip.Complete Review

Sarah-Lou Costley takes a look at Gaijin Games disc based released of their WiiWare titles, which we had a real soft spot for here at Console Arcade

To add to the excitement of the highly addictive yet excruciatingly hard games are the smattering of extras available. The collection gives you a further 20 levels per game, a free soundtrack of 18 songs and plenty of videos and artwork which can be unlocked. You also get an online leaderboard so you can see how well you do against your friends.

Sine Mora Review

We loved Sine Mora here at Console Arcade, and so did Danny Russell over at Ready Up

Sine Mora has more content and wow factor than any shoot ‘em up of late. There is plenty here for casual onlookers seeking a wild ride and a harsh but not completely unforgiving challenge, while enthusiasts of the genre have a meaty amount of content to hone their skills to. It’s clear that the arrangement between Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture in terms of planning and developing has worked wonders here and everything has slotted together perfectly.