Pocoro Review

Pocoro is a puzzle game for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

With just that opening line, the temptation to stop reading this review is probably pretty strong. But this is a puzzle game with a rather interesting hook.

The player must negotiate a pre-determined grid by moving their counter across it until it reaches the finish line. Each square on the grid has its own numerical value pertaining to how many moves the player can make on that particular tile. So, if it contains the number 3, then that’s the allotted number of moves that can be made before it becomes unavailable, boxing in the player in and requiring a restart. It sounds like a simple concept (and it is) but like all the best puzzle games, the fiendish complexity soon reveals itself after a gentle introduction.

Finding the correct path will soon consume the player and nailing it 100% is deeply satisfying in a way that only the best puzzle titles can manage. The next level of addiction comes from trying to beat your own times for completing levels, whittling away at them until nothing less than complete satisfaction is attained.

While this might sound like a whirling dervish of a game, the pace of Pocoro is distinctly serene to say the least. Gentle, soothing music filters around in the background while gentle ambient noises register progress from one level to the next, all creating a wonderful and blissful playtime.

All this make it an intoxicating blend of addictive and relaxing, meaning Pocoro is one puzzle game thats well worth a look.

Click here to download Pocoro from the Xbox Live Marketplace.